Tuition and Fees

The school will begin at about half the real cost for educating students. The real cost is around $20,000-$25,000 per student. We will charge $8,755 for Primary, $10,815 for Lower and Upper Elementary as well as Intermediate, and $12,500 for the Upper School annually. We offer need based financial aid to all families who qualify. Please download the application for instructions on how to apply for financial aid.

Tuition Payment Plans

2018-19 Tuition Schedule – Annual cost*

PLAN I $10,815 / $8,755
PLAN II $3,605 / $2,918
PLAN III $1,202 / $730

The table above shows the cost per each payment of the plans described below:

PLAN I: One payment prior to August 15th.
PLAN II: Three payments: Due dates for payments are:
  • Payment #1: August 15th
  • Payment #2: November 15th
  • Payment #3: February 15th
PLAN III: 9 monthly payments made by the 15th of the month in August-April

*Note: The Delta School will provide payment options consistent with the above schedule based on the amount of financial aid awarded.

See the Extended Day Page for information about our after care programs.