How We Do It

Programs at The Delta School fulfill learning objectives through offering hands-on learning opportunities designed to allow each child to discover their strengths.  We do so by implementing the best, most innovative programming found in k-12 education and combining them in a wholly strengths-based learning environment. To this end, we are the nation's first true intentionally focused strengths-development school.

To discover, develop and practice student strengths, we combine project-based learning with Human-Centered Design to create interdisciplinary projects.  Our Makerspace, Garden Space and Wonder Space are not add-ons, but reside at the center of our teaching and learning to enhance and inform projects that solve real-world problems.

We assess all our projects against learning objectives that extend beyond the Common Core. Our projects are flexible and adaptable to the interests of the students as well as the problems we encounter which need to be solved. Projects can last anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks depending on the nature of the learning.