Founding Head's Message

Welcome!  This is the place I have always dreamed of creating; a place where young people are engaged in learning and don’t want to leave on Friday afternoon; a place where teachers and students work together pursuing their strengths and talents; a place that both challenges and supports us all; a place where parents can drop by the classroom, or stick around and drink coffee; a place where trust, security, caring and kindness meet challenge, risk-taking, success and failure; a place that has a wow-factor, that inspires greatness, a place where how big your heart is is more important than the size of your bank account or the color of your skin; a place where the only rows are in the garden and the only back seats are in the hydra go-cart the elementary students just invented; a place where we laugh until our sides hurt, where every day some new idea surprises us, where everyone pitches in to make it work; a place people have little fear about what has not been done before; a place that is strong in character virtue and soft on judging the faults of others; a place that is eager to grow, to fill a void, to change lives; a place like no other; a place to call home. That place is The Delta School.

I encourage everyone to learn more about our school and discover how we might engage you in our mission.

Jenifer Fox, Founding Head of School

About Jenifer Fox

Jenifer Fox is an international best selling author, curriculum designer and independent school head with more than 25 years as an educator. Published in seven languages, her first book, Your Child’s Strengths, won a Nautilus Book Award and A Mom’s Choice Award for breaking new ground in the understanding of child development.

Ms. Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master of Arts degree from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

Jenifer’s work in developing curriculum and school programs is featured in schools across the country. She is a widely published author on educational topics and a sought after public speaker. Jenifer comes to Wilson, Arkansas with her best friend, Gussie the wonder border collie.