Founding Vision of The Delta School

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ― Socrates

The good people of Wilson, Arkansas under the leadership of Gaylon Lawrence Jr. and The Lawrence Group, knew that rejuvenating the Delta started with education. In 2014, Jenifer Fox was presented with the unique opportunity to start a school from scratch, based on a model she felt was educationally appropriate. After ten years of working to implement strengths-based programs into already existing programs, she saw this as a lifetime opportunity to create a school program that truly engages student strengths on every level.

“I took the best of everything I knew about in education and knit it together to create a truly agile learning environment where intentional design informs every learning exchange and human interaction on campus.

I am excited to be educating students in rural, working-class United States, where students are less exposed to innovation, prone to greater economic stress and challenged by limited resources. And the results so far are rewarding. Students of all socio-economic levels combine their strengths to solve real world problems. They want to come to school. Love of learning is evident. In this environment, each student will discover their unique contribution to life and end up finding work they love.”

Our high school implements a “Project Grid” invented by Fox. Rather than attending traditional subject based courses, students complete projects whose mindsets are driven by a 4x4 project grid. The grid is tracked for learning progress and fulfilling Carnegie units and completing necessary projects for graduation. 

About Jenifer Fox

Jenifer Fox is an international best selling author, curriculum designer and independent school head with more than 25 years as an educator. Published in seven languages, her first book, Your Child’s Strengths, won a Nautilus Book Award and A Mom’s Choice Award for breaking new ground in the understanding of child development.

Ms. Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master of Arts degree from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

Jenifer’s work in developing curriculum and school programs is featured in schools across the country. She is a widely published author on educational topics and a sought after public speaker. Jenifer currently serves as Head of Berkshire Country Day School in Massachusetts and has permanent residence in Taos, New Mexico with her best friend, Gussie the wonder border collie.