Human Centered Design Projects

Human-centered design projects heighten student motivation, give them choice and meaning in their work, and teach them transferrable skills that are necessary for success as citizens of the 21st century. Human-centered design is a creative approach to problem solving. It’s a process that focuses on problems encountered by real people. Our students form many of their projects using this methodology. While some projects are straight up thematic projects, all our projects attempt to solve a real world problem. This makes our learning authentic and meaningful. We use a modified version of the Stanford Design Method.

At The Delta School, school leaders, teachers and  students, think like designers. This method of thinking inspires innovative learning and ignites the community’s imagination.  Because we are committed to transformational learning—that is, an education that truly inspires learners to capitalize on their strengths and interests—we embrace change with a commitment to flexibility and agility. We share a passion for the question and a reverence for not knowing. These attitudes allow us to make discoveries and it is through our discoveries that we learn.