About Us

The Delta School is a model for teaching and learning in a culture of continuous innovation, challenge and growth; a place where young people are engaged in learning and don’t want to leave on Friday afternoon; a place where teachers and students work together pursuing their strengths and talents; a place that both challenges and supports all; a place where parents can drop by the classroom, or stick around and drink coffee; a place where trust, security, caring and kindness meet challenge, risk-taking, success and failure; a place that has a wow-factor, that inspires greatness, a place where how big your heart is is more important than the size of your bank account or the color of your skin; a place where the only rows are in the garden and the only back seats are in the hydra go-cart the elementary students invented; a place where we laugh until our sides hurt, where every day some new idea surprises us, where everyone pitches in to make it work; a place people have little fear about what has not been done before; a place that is strong in character virtue and soft on judging the faults of others; a place that is eager to grow, to fill a void, to change lives; a place like no other. That place is The Delta School.