Mission, Goals and Values

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Delta School is to nourish every child’s strengths so each child is able to form healthy relationships, discover meaningful work, and make unique contributions to the world.

Goal Statement

The Delta School will fulfill its mission by developing each student’s intellectual curiosity, educational capabilities and emotional/character development in a vibrant learning environment where students gain understanding of themselves as well as their relationships to the local community and the world beyond Wilson.


  • Being rather than seeming to be
  • Open, honest, and direct communication
  • Asking questions before forming assumptions
  • The local community as learning laboratory
  • Collaboration as well as rugged individualism
  • Change, not charity
  • Self-esteem as a by product of hard work and a job well done

We serve students who desire challenge and who are motivated to learn in a dynamic course of study that includes inquiry-based projects. This is not a traditional school. We trust that children are instinctual learners, and we value their leadership and partnership in their educational path. We prepare students to be self-motivated, resilient, entrepreneurial, collaborative, compassionate, and creative. We expect Delta School students to exhibit the engagement and passion that are the antidote to fear and apathy. We aim for the school to predispose them to heroic behavior, contributing to a greater good as successful, happy, healthy adults.