Our Program

In order for us to truly design personalized learning for students, the educational experiences must be tailored for multiple learners. For us to tackle such a curriculum, we lean on Human-Centered Design or Design Thinking as the process that allows multiple entry points to learning. In order to implement Design Thinking as a framework for our curriculum, we must anchor all learning in project-based experiences. This is how we “enter into learning” at the Delta School. At the core of our curriculum are project discoveries.

During all project experiences, the Delta School believes in authentic engagement. For us, this means connecting our learners and faculty with people who do the real work. When exploring a project idea, one of the most valuable assets to a successful project are our external partners. We do not believe in purchasing curriculum or implementing boxed content to cultivate Makers. We look to professionals who support their livelihood by solving creative problems or tackling unique challenges in their communities. We strongly encourage our educational teams to reach out and connect with artists, fabricators, community leaders, healthcare professionals, trades people, and skilled laborers and lean on them as experts in their fields. This is what makes us unique and helps us continue to personalize our student experiences. Learners begin to understand from a very young age how their work matters and who is doing the thoughtful work in society. It builds well toward our High School program.